Bespoke nutrition, uniquely branded for Personal Trainers, with no upfront costs and the opportunity to earn healthy commission…how can you say no?

All PTs know that exercise is only part of a healthy lifestyle, and that nutrition is key. At Mi-Mix, we appreciate that good nutrition is vital but can be hard to achieve. So, we’ve created a range of sports supplementation that makes up any nutritional shortfall. Here’s the clever bit…we brand the product specifically for you and all you have to do is recommend the supplementation to your client. All they have to do is make one payment and you gain a healthy commission. There’s no minimum order, no upfront payment and no risk. You won’t even have to get involved with any payments, you’ll just receive commission every month!

Gain valuable extra income whilst helping your clients
Personally branded for you

Your client’s supplements delivered to their door, branded with your logo!

All products in one place

No monotonous, time-heavy multiple shopping list creation for your clients – a one-stop shop.

Client specific

Tailor each client’s supplement protocol to fit their needs, adjust as and when it's necessary.

Personal supplement store

A select range of products, based on: Get Lean, Size Up, Maintain and Endurance.


Sports supplementation recommended by you, the PT, delivered to the client, with only one payment…simple and effective!

The Mi-mix philosophy is simple and friendly; we offer a bespoke range of what's really needed and we are here to help you, whatever you need!
At Mi-Mix we’re proud to be kind to the environment too: we don’t use any plastic or foil containers – every part of our packaging is easily recyclable.

We provide 30-day supplies for each delivery, and you can change the order every 30 days. In fact, we encourage you to do this, to ensure your client is getting what they need, when they need it.

Did we mention that you, the PT, will gain a very healthy commission on every sale?

Did we mention that all packaging is branded for you, as an individual or as a company? Try our My Brand Checker feature now to see your bespoke packaging.

Did we mention that we do NOT want a penny from you?

How can you say no?


Simplicity is everything, so why be complicated? The Mi-Mix product offerings are broken down into four distinct categories:

Get Lean, Size Up, Maintain and Endurance.

Each offering is led by a UK-manufactured protein shake along with additional supplements; take your pick from BCAAs, creatine, pre-workout and a carefully selected range of vitamins. You choose what’s right for your client, they choose the flavour and it arrives at their door. Everything they need for the next 30 days. You’ll even get a reminder for the next order to ensure your clients never run out of Mi-Mix.

You can also include a personalised message to each client with every order; keep them motivated, suggest a challenge or simply give them praise for doing so well. The small details can often make a big difference.


Your recommended supplements, for your individual client, with your brand added. Why not upload your logo and see how your bespoke packaging will look? We want you, the PT, to look your best – this isn’t about us after all. Mi-Mix Nutrition will incorporate your very own brand on each and every product, on the web ordering system and all client-facing documentation – for no upfront cost. Join our team, upload your logo and you’re ready to go! If you want something a little bit special, talk with one of the Mi-Mix team – we don’t bite!

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